Another Weekend

Another weekend out of my lifeI’m either too shy or humbleAnother weekend out of my lifeIs gonna get me into troubleFeel a body, warm and close behind meI turn around, but you are not thereThough I fail to ignore this resignationYou’re standing thereEvery day, about five in the eveningI think of all that went wrongWe […]

Beach House – Drunk in LA

Can’t help seeking cornersOf dark and deadend roadsWhere the drinks keep pouring downAnd the candles keep me warmIsolation tenderSomething fragile coming soonSkinny angels making eyes at camerasPerched in every roomI had a good run playing horses in my mindLeft my heart out somewhere runningWanting strangers to be mineMemory’s a sacred meatThat’s drying all the timeOn […]

Fog Lake – Push

i don’t wanna be alone right now god i wish it was a little bit later think i’d rather be asleep right now dream about some mistake i made  tell me why i’m living so fast i wish i was just a little bit younger then i wouldn’t be afraid like this push it in just a little bit further  you […]

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